Amber Shipley

Software Engineer |
Espresso Enthusiast

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With a backpack full of snacks and a heart full of wanderlust, I feel at home wherever there's a good espresso and network connection. From debugging code to decoding foreign menus, I love tackling new challenges with a problem-solving mindset!

By trade and by passion, I am a software developer focused on creating delightful user experiences. In the past, you could find me running a small business, working in personal healthcare and creating space for healing, and hiring contractors and managing schedules as a personal assistant.

My core values are reliability, discovery, and adventure.

My ideal team is one that values collaboration, diversity, open communication, and a healthy work-life balance. If this sounds like your team, contact me! I would love to learn more about it.

my projects.


Mia simplifies user's healthcare journey by consolidating all vital medical information in one place. Keep track of conditions, medications, doctors, and health events effortlessly. Access a centralized doctor directory. Maintain a personal health log to record important events and notes. Take control of your health with Mia.


Beam is a self-care app designed for users to process and manage their emotions. Users select a feeling, reflect on it, and note insights to prevent or recreate the emotion. The app then suggests relevant activities. Entries are stored in the Feelings Archive for ongoing review and editing.

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